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One of the most natural and beautiful hairstyle techniques are Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks®

This distinctive hair management system is worn mainly by African American and multi-ethnic women, men and children who want to be all-natural. No more purchasing all types of hair products, getting chemical burns from a relaxer or running for cover when it rains.  This hairstyle is wonderful all around. Best of all, this lifestyle change can also be performed on relaxed hair!

If you have relaxed hair, it does not have to be cut off. The Sisterlock® and Brotherlock® methods can be started with as little as 1 ½ inches of new growth. That’s why this technique is so wonderful. As you may know, many of us like our length, which is why this technique is advantageous for us.

Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks® are created using a beautiful hair technique that is incredibly versatile and exclusive only to you. No fake hair or extensions are added to the locks, your hair is the only hair used.

Many who wear Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks® love how versatile they are. Many say their hair can be styled in as many styles as when their hair was relaxed. 

Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks® can be curled, pinned-up, twisted, placed in cornrows, worn straight . . the options are endless.

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